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Ethiopia: Reko

In the Kochere region, the Reko washing station serves the 750 adjacent farms at 1800 to almost 2200 meters above sea level. This high altitude leads to cooler nights which facilitates the respiration that creates sugars in the cherry - and it definitely shows in the cup here!

The lots at this station go through a similar process to most washed coffees. After meticulous harvesting to ensure ripeness and consistency, the cherries are mechanically depulped so that only the bean covered in a thin, papery "parchment" and a little of the inner layer of cherry called the mucilage. The pulped beans are soaked in fermentation tanks for 36-48 hours depending on weather conditions before they are fully washed and then sun-dried raised beds for 10-14 days, again depending on conditions.

What makes this Reko such a fantastic coffee is the care taken at each of these (and all the in-between) steps. Farmers collaborate to pick cherries with consistency; the fermentation tanks are constantly surveyed by skilled mill workers; extra sorting is done as the coffee is drying on the beds.

Notes of: Orange Blossom, Honey and Nectarine.