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Ethiopia: Sasaba Station

The Sasaba Washing Station in Oromia Region, Guji Zone, has been steadily growing in size and quality over the past few years after partnering with a reliable and conscientious importer that we trust. This Sidamo lot is grown by various smallholder farmers in the area around the washing station, most of whom grow 10-20 coffee plants and also farm peas, corn, and other crops.

Once sold to the washing station, this lot remained unwashed and was dried on raised beds. The length of drying time fluctuates slightly depending on weather conditions, but is just under 20 days. The process gives us a really traditional, big and intense natural Ethiopia. Some naturals, also referred to as dry processed, can tend to be a little too monolithic: blueberry Harrars, fermenty bourbony Yirgacheffes, red fruit Sidamos. However, we always aim to source lots that illustrate uniquely for their expected palate, and this cup does just that.

Citrus and hibiscus floral notes complement the intense raspberry, whole milk in both flavor and body, and cane sugar sweetness carries into a subtly spiced lingering vanilla bean finish.