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Monkey Bite Espresso

Monkey Bite strikes back! Why do we call it Monkey Bite? Relive the harrowing tale with Chuck Patton in the linked video at the end!

Direct Trade beans from Finca Santa Ana in Guatemala comprise a significant portion of this blend. This is a farm-relationship we have strengthened over the better part of a decade, as we continue to work w/ Fernando Diaz and before Fernando took over the farm, we worked with this father. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle were the farms first direct trade partners. Now, Fernando sells his coffee to many wonderful coffee companies all over the world.

Our Farm-to-Cup Uganda Sipi Falls also plays a part in this incarnation of Monkey Bite. As well as being certified organic, the mill is Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning that the farms that produce the coffee for this lot, must have safe working conditions and must pay their employees a sustainable wage.

A natural processed organic Ethiopian rounds out this blend with a huge intensity that you will immediately notice in the cup. Layers of praline, vanilla, caramel and apricot with dark chocolate and bitter orange finish. Lightly denatured with milk in a macchiato or cappuccino the flavors space out nicely.

This espresso blend is actually great any way you make it - Aeropress, for example - but for espresso machines we recommend dose of 22 grams resulting in about 24 grams (call it a fluid ounce) and a total extraction of 27-34 seconds with the first drops visible at 10-12 seconds.

Documentary: Monkey Attack at Origin