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Peru: Organic French Roast

The Dutch brought coffee to Peru in the 18th century, but as it's footprint widened coffee in Peru has run into some challenges. Though Peru is a top ten producing country, most farmers harvest less than 4 hectares each and are doing so often on land that is borderline inaccessible. Further, conditions are humid or downright wet during the time after harvest season that coffee needs to dry.

All this considered, we are always happy when we find Peruvian coffee that meets our standards. This particular lot, from a handful of producers at Vista Hermosa in La Coipa in the north, can take the heat in that sense and as well as in the roaster, so we have done our version of a French Roast with it. Typica, Pache, and Catarrh varietals grown from 1900-2000 meters above sea level are all present here.

While we are calling this a French Roast, we roast visibly lighter than what is traditionally thought of as a "French". For example you won't see much oil on the surface of the beans. The more conscious application of heat allows, among other delicious chemical reactions, the natural sugars to caramelize.

Full-Bodied and buttery, mildly earthy but still clean with a brown sugar sweetness and carob and cocoa nibs on the finish.