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Panama: Elida Estate Natural Processed

Wilford Lamastus has been recognized as the Grower of the Year in Panama!

The Lamastus family founded Elida Estate in Boquete, Panama in 1918. With high altitude, great soil, and natural shade, Elida Estate produces some fantastic coffee, usually placing high in the Taste of Panama competitions.

Here, we have a special dry-processed Catuai lot. Shade grown and surrounded by a private virgin-forest reserve and a National Park, the farm borders very biologically rich and diverse cloud forest. One of the two highest coffee farms in Panama, a number of factors - including a unique micro-climate condition known as “Bajareque” - contribute to the coffee cherry developing more on the plant and ripening for a full month longer than normal.

Every year, we look forward to getting this coffee in. 2016 is the third year we have worked directly with Elida Esate. In 2014 we received an amazing 95 of our natural lot and we feel this year's offering is just as good.

Marshmallow-like and very sweet; a well-constructed cup that wraps you up in strawberry, creamy guava, honey, and raspberry.