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Panama: Mama Cata Geisha Blend

This blend of Geisha and Typica varietals was put together for us by the renowned Maca Cata Estate.

José David Garrido Pérez took over Mama Cata in 1997 and has been helping push the already impressive envelope in Panama ever since. José has in recent years been awarded first place in the washed Gesha category of the Best of Panama competition and constantly placed at the top with two of our other favorites, Hacienda La Esmeralda and Elida Estate.

The estate is named for the previous farm matriarch, Catalina Fisher, famous for her kindness to the workers whom she cooked for as well as her "Tea Time" shootouts with the neighbors. The lots are planted around the Alto Quiel micro-area of Boquete and are subject to a unique micro-climate condition known as “Bajareque” where basically the weather patterns of the western hemisphere conspire together to submerge the coffee shrubs in mist just as they are ripening. This is one of the reasons why Geishas only thrive in this part of the world.

Rather than beans being blended after roasting, this lot is a blend of Geisha varietals and Typicas from different geo-located areas on the estate. Though this makes the cup we end up with a little less distinctly "Geisha-y," there is still a distinct Geisha-quality in the cup and the body is amped up while a full spectrum of flavors present themselves. Dried apricot and tangerine are arrive first, segueing into jasmine, hyacinth, taffy, and graham cracker, ending with a marshmallowy molasses.