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Sumatra: Tano Batak

From northern Sumatra around Lake Toba just like the Ulos Batak that we placed #2 in Coffee Reviews 2014 rankings. Batak loosely refers to a number of ethnic groups in the area, while "Tano" and "Ulos" are bean size sorting terms, or grades for green coffee.

This coffee comes from a collaboration of a hundred small holder producers in Lintong. Collaborative coffee is the most common way things are done in Indonesia and Sumatra. This is a wet-hulled coffee which is, again, traditional to Sumatra. This wet hulling is known as Gilling Basah and produces a coffee that is thicker bodied and syrupy.

Here we have outstanding quality control to insure a consistent cup that represents the very best of what Sumatran coffee can be like while also keeping any rustic flavors from being overwhelming. Much brighter and cleaner than most Sumatran coffees.

This is similar to the last lot of Tano Batak we had that got a 94 on Coffee Review. This one is a little thicker in body and a bit more complext, hence the new 95 score.

A huge coffee, very traditionally Sumatran with five spice, bourbon, and clove.

Fifty cents from every retail bag of coffee we sell of this Tano Batak goes to SURFAID, a non-profit working to assist families in Sumatra with water sanitation, nutrition, malaria prevention. Check them out at SURFAID.ORG!