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Sumatra: Tano Batak
BRCR's coffee that was second place in Coffee Review's Top Coffees of 2014 was an Ulos Batak. While that Ulos lot is now sold out, this is a Tano Batak from the same mill and growing region and is very similar in flavor and complexity. ("Tano" and "Ulos" are bean size sorting terms, or grades for green coffee.)

This coffee comes from a collaboration of a hundred small holder producers around Lake Toba in the Lintong region. This is a wet-hulled coffee, which is how most coffee is processed in Sumatra, but here we have outstanding quality control, making a more complex and intense coffee experience. Much brighter and cleaner than most Sumatran coffees

Dry aroma of caramel, cloves and brown sugar followed by fresh tobacco. Green apple, huge bodied, exotic, white pepper, spice, with a never-ending finish.