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Los Luchadores T-shirt - Stone Grey

A throwback for the holidays! On the front to the left of the chest is our logo, and on the back is the logo painted on the burlap bags we get - in a much more comfortable to wear 100% cotton t-shirt!!

Heres the description from when we first ran this shirt:

During our recent trip to El Salvador, we spent time with the Salaverria family at JASAL. We were impressed with the quality coffee and their lovely farms. While we cupped several of their coffees, and we will be bringing in their Yellow Bourbon and a special prep natural this year, our favorite on the cupping table was their Pacamara. We did manage to secure a tiny amount of this coffee for this season but we will bring in more in 2013. Anyway, for their branding purposes the family held a competition with their coffee pickers to come up with a label design for some of their special varietals. Los Luchadores was the winner for the Pacamara.